Carrot - a colourful source of health promoting compounds

  Have you ever had coloured carrots, fresh or processed ?

We have commenced an international cooperation project involving academic and research institutes to assess health benefits hidden behind colours of carrot vegetable.

Our goal is you combine healthy diet with colours of carrot.
     Have them all together and enjoy at your table !

White carrot contains no pigments, but possess high sugars and fibres
Yellow carrot contains a yellow lutein, which prevents age-related macular degeneration
Orange carrot contains an orange beta-carotene and is the main source of pro-vitamin A
Red carrot contains a red lycopene, which is used in cancer prevention
Purple carrot contains purple anthocyanins, which exhibit strong antioxidant activity

You may think: We do:
Carrot root is orange We evaluate white, yellow, orange, red and purple carrots.
Carrot origins in Europe We collected cultivars and old landraces also from other world regions including Near East, Central Asia, Far East, Australia, South America, North America, Africa where carrot of various colours are grown.
Carrot is just a veg We analyse the content and composition of various health promoting compounds like carotenoids, including beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A) and lycopene, sugars, volatiles, polyacetylenes and other antioxidants.
Carrot products are bitter We develop methods for industrial processing of carrots to eliminate bitterness and off-taste.
Carrots are all the same We investigate carrot DNA polymorphisms to link plant appearance and composition to genes and to get knowledge on their functions.
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